There are many health benefits to Music and Wellness Programs. Some include but are not limited to:

♫ Positive changes in mood and emotional states

♫ Awareness of self and environment

♫ Anxiety and stress reduction

♫ Non-pharmacological management of pain and discomfort

♫ Interpersonal relationship develops with the client and the facilitator causing opportunities for increased self-expression

A Closer Look...

What Can Music and Wellness Programs be Used For?

Research supports the effectiveness of music and wellness programs for a wide range of purposes, as described by The American Music Therapy Association, n.d:

Music and wellness programs can be used for facilitating movement and overall physical rehabilitation and motivating clients to cope with treatment. It can provide emotional support for clients and their families, and provide an outlet for expression of feelings.

Music and wellness programs can also be used to help children with autism spectrum disorder to improve their communication capabilities. Furthermore, it can help premature infants improve sleep patterns and increase their weight gain. Finally, music and wellness programs can be used to help individuals with Parkinson's disease to improve motor function.


If You Want to Accelerate Brain Development in Children, Teach Them Music By Joe Battaglia
Music, the universal language of mood, emotion and desire, connects with us through a wide variety of neural systems.

We now know from controlled treatment/outcome studies that listening to and playing music is a potent treatment for mental health issues. 400 published scientific papers have proven the old adage that "music is medicine." In fact, research demonstrates that adding music therapy to treatment improves symptoms and social functioning among schizophrenics. Further, music therapy has demonstrated efficacy as an independent treatment for reducing depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

New research proves that music heals and suggests that in the future, music could be prescribed to help us focus, feel happier,
relax and overcome sadness. by Classic FM

Research from the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) has shown there is a common dosage for music and revealed how long an individual needs to listen to it for a therapeutic effect to be experienced.


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