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Music & Wellness + The One = Inclusion

Published 9/13/2022
By Rod Goelz

In my teachings, I often talk about being on the one. The One is the musical center, the groove and vibe we all create around. It's about being on time, giving, and being in the moment. Playing what is needed for the whole, setting the ego aside. I'm an author, an educator, a musician, a composer and an arranger. I've been working with people and personalities for 30 years. My programs utilize contemporary music of all kinds to achieve bigger goals in various aspects of mental health and overall wellness.

Our aim for the music enrichment program, Music And Wellness, is to utilize music as a tool to achieve non-musical goals. Our classes are led by myself, Rod Goelz, with several mentors in training. The tools we use come from varied, colorful sources. The One is one such tool. I learned about the concept of The One from James Brown, Bootsy Collins, and George Clinton. It was their overriding musical construct that brought musicians together to create great music with a higher purpose--unity! "Funk" in itself, as a dance music, has healing properties that can take one "to church" without entering any building. The One emphasizes the idea that we are all connected, despite our various backgrounds and aptitudes. Our musical choices are felt, and inspired by, the whole of our surroundings. The One teaches many wide-reaching lessons and offers many extra soft-skill benefits to special needs communities.


Rod Goelz
A musician, published author and music educator who has gone international with his music and teaching methods.


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